dinsdag 13 januari 2009

Ice skating!

Ok, finally some pics from our trip to Holland. And...as I promised some of you..I'll write in English this time, since this post is for you, Americans.

We were very lucky this Winter because we could ice skate, The Netherlands is a country with lots and lots of water..and when it is all frozen it is extra fun!

I must say, I wasn't great by any means, but also not too disappointed with my ice-skating skills (after years of no skating). Andrew of course was pretty good, I don't know how he does it; even skills I should be good at (like ice skating!) and not an Southern Californian, he manages to do better than me.

We had a fun time until I suggested to do one more lap before going home, in this last lap my mom fell and she broke her wrist :( She is doing ok but it is very inconvenient of course.

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World zei

Looks so fun. I want to ice skate outside. Have only been inside a mall. not quite the same experience :).

Oops...poor mom. I broke my wrist once. It is so not cool.

Anne & Bas zei

Hoi Janzie en Andre,

Wat een leuke foto's en superleuk dat we weer gezellig als vanouds elkaar hebben gezien! Goede start van het nieuwe jaar! We zijn druk aan het sparen om snel jullie kant op te komen om bij jullie een feestje te bouwen.

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