woensdag 25 maart 2009

We will miss you!

Thanks for being our first friends in Pasadena. When we walked into Beth'reim last July you were there! Lewis helped us paint and made us feel welcome and took us to a baseball game the first week. Ever since we had fun times with you both. Stitch 'n Bitch wouldn't exist without Ruby and we experienced some awesome meals at your house!

We are sad that you are leaving! But know that you are up for some great adventures and also know that you'll make a big impact in other people's lives! People are drawn to your personalities and inviting lifestyle. We are glad that we were apart of your life for a while and hope to keep in touch. We are exited to visit you in Oregon (I am curious to see this state and think I will love it).

Thank you for good times...

xxx Andrew & Janneke

Thanks so much for this gift!
(Ruby made me a handmade cookbook with her own recipes)

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The Lewis and Ruby Blog World zei

Thank you thank you....what a sweet post. That meant a lot to me :'-). We've had so much fun with you guys over the last 9 months (only 9!!)....can't wait to see what the future has in store for all of us. Oregon is waiting for you!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World zei

Hey Janzzzzzzzy....I was going to text you, but then decided you probably wouldn't see it ;). I need to know what was in the delicious brie goodness you made the other night. Red onions.....and??

Connie zei

Ik wil meer posts ;-)!!!Een hele dikke kus!