zaterdag 6 september 2008

Two Years of Marriage!

This is Andrew, officially ridding myself of my "blog virgin" status.  The time has come for me to share my thoughts with all of you lucky people;)

I can hardly believe that we've been married for two years.  One one hand it seems like we were married yesterday and on the other hand it feels like we've been together for much longer than just two years.  Just like my dad always told me, time really does go by faster as you get older.  Speaking of which, I went to the doctor the other day for a physical and he told me that I had a lot of hair in my ears.  Hair in my ears???  When did that get there and why would I need hair there anyway?  That is a sign that we're starting to get older isn't it?  Ok...enough grossing you out.  Anyway, this year was Janneke's year to plan our anniversary celebration.  She planned a secret getaway for us in Santa Barbara.  I had no idea where we were going; I only knew that it was north.  We ending up going glamping a.k.a. "glamorous camping".  We stayed on a camp site in a tent just like normal camping but instead of sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag, we slept in a queen size bed.  The tent was equipped with lights, a small heater, and various pieces of furniture made from the tree branches and logs.  It was a the perfect combination of luxury and rustic.  
Our first days activities consisted of going for a four-mile hike.  Janneke, the Dutchy flatlander, was a champ on a very steep hill we climbed and complained minimally.  After the hike we rewarded ourselves by going to the beach.  We ended the evening off by BBQing steak, salmon, and corn on the cob.  It was a fantastic day.  Janneke gets an A+ (or a 10 for the Dutchies) for knowing my favorite things to do in life!  The next day we went wine tasting just outside of Santa Barbara in an area that looks just like Tuscany.  It was beautiful!  I'm continually amazed by all of the beautiful nature here in California.  There is so much to offer here and so much variety.  We ended our trip with an Italian dinner in Santa Barbara.  We had fantastic time (despite one little fight:).  Janneke planned one heck of trip that's going to be hard form me to match next year.  I just hope to do better than last year! (Some of you know that story)
Thanx Babe for making our second anniversary a memorable one!

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tree hugger zei

Yes! I can read this blog entry!
Congrats on 2 years guys. That sounds like a really fun trip. Nice planning Janneke.
Can I hear the 1st anniversary story sometime?

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World zei

Yay...ENGLISH...I understand. Sounds like it was a fun filled trip. I need to look into this glamping thing!

PS...I also wouldn't mind hearing the 1st anniversary story :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World zei

Yeah...Oregon is probably similar in climate to Holland. I know what you mean about the jacket thing though! The max is five at a time, but you can go back and upload five more on the same post.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World zei

I'll try my hardest to be ready at 2:30 :)